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Basic SkinCare

Tuesday ,12/01/2016, 11:20 GMT+7
Phono method for skincare is based on a rhythmic movement of ultrasonic waves, with a steady vibration which excites at low intensity; hence, the skin gets a good osmosis of Vitamin by a specialized gel.
In conjunction with special nutrients of each type of treatment, the ultrasound waves of Phono will humidify and create ventilation for the hair follicles, which helps nutrients to easily take osmose into the skin.

In case of acne: Phono therapy supplies nutrients such as AHA, Anti-Acne, Vitamins, etc for purposes of reducing sebum, improving skin situation, balancing sebaceous glands, and actively supporting for the treatment of acne.

In case of acne blackish, aging, etc: Phono therapy enhances the effect of the substances brought into the skin surface for purposes of delustring the blackish and skin burnt, removing dead cells, creating proper humidity for skin, as well as dramatically improving situation of a grainy and rough skin.

  • Those in need of the addition of vitamin, nutrients and humidity for their skin.
  • Those in need of skin care after treatment.

Step 1: Rinsing the face with cleanser (suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin) to remove make-up and clean the skin.

Step 2: Making the skin dried and performing skin care.

Step 3: Applying Vitamin therapy, subject to the customer's needs and doctor’s direction.

Step 4: Applying further mask (if further prescribed or requested).

Step 5: Massaging face and neck to help you relax and maximize the efficiency of a deep penetration of nutrients into the skin.

Step 6: Rinsing the face clearly, finishing therapy.

  • Treatment with Vitamin for face: VND 420,000
  • Treatment with Vitamin for face + eyes: VND 670,000
  • Treatment with Vitamin for face + eyes + neck: VND 1,090,000
  • Treatment with Vitamin for back: VND 1,680,000
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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