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Removal of Wrinkles by Filler

Wednesday ,13/01/2016, 15:25 GMT+7
From the start of the aging process, the shortfall of collagen production will make the grooves and wrinkles on skin gradually evident (especially areas between nose and cheeks and mouth corners), some facial skin more concave (such as orbits, sunken cheeks) and lips thinner simultaneously.
In treatment for this problem, other than surgical measures with a long rest, the removal of wrinkles by filler is also a method with instant effectiveness without recovery and choosen by many people. Filler was certified as the most safe and effective medicine today and recognized by the US Department of Health.

Filler is a natural aesthetic product without effect to motion or expression on your face. By 2014, there were more than 15 million treatment cases by fillers carried out in worldwide.

At Orient, filler type applied in the treatment of wrinkles is Restylane - a product researched and invented in 1996 by the Q-Med’s the company (Sweden) for subcutaneous injection. Along with effect of filling the concave skin and removing unwanted wrinkles and grooves, the filler also increases humidity to the skin, makes the skin young and smooth. From 1996, the Restylane filler has been increasingly used popularly in over 70 countries, with millions of cases of therapy.

The main ingredient of Restylane is hyaluronic acid (abbreviated as HA) – a natural and non-animal originated acid in the body, which is absolutely suitable to the body and will biodegrade after about one year. This substance serves an important role in supporting and maintaining youthful skin, through the mechanisms of absorption and fluid retention, as well as stimulating collagen reproduction.

Moreover, HA also serves effect in filling (by effects of water suction and retention), thus, this is injected to the concave areas on your face such as orbits, concave scars, rhinoplasty, chin volume expansion, etc

Restylane is a natural and non-animal originated acid, which is absolutely suitable to the body and will biodegrade after about one year.

  • Those in need of removing static wrinkles, which are clearly visible even in no facial muscle movement. such as between nose and cheek, mouth corners, and forehead.
  • Those in need of filling some concave skin areas such as orbits, sunken cheeks. etc
  • Those in need of natural high rhinoplasty.
  • Those in need of rejuvenation, lips stretching, removal of wrinkles on hands.

Step 1: Consultation by doctor – Skin examination

Doctors at Orient will carefully examine and analyze your current skin condition. For more detailed consultation, you should clearly express your aspirations and requirements.

Step 2: Specifying process and outlining treatment

After detailed examination, the doctors will specify the exact product type in conformity with your skin condition.

Step 3: Preparation before treatment

Experts will remove makeup and take anesthesia to your 20 minutes prior to injection.

Step 4: Treatment of removal of wrinkles by filler

Doctors will directly carry out treatment for you by injecting filler to the skin with a small amount by a special needle. The treatment is usually quick with approximate 30 minutes. The treatment with Restylane filler has no affect to facial expression and gives instant visible results.

Step 5: Post-treatment skin care

Your doctor will check and advise you about post-treatment skin care, as well as arrange specific time for follow-up.

Treatment of removal of wrinkles by filler: From VND 8,600,000 to VND 12,500,000
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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