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Shaping V-line Face by HIFU Technology

Friday ,15/01/2016, 12:11 GMT+7
The slim V-line face has been widely considered as a standard of beauty in recent years. Many people has taken painful aesthetic treatments in order to own a fashionable V-line face. Fortunately, modern and advanced technologies in medicine today can shape the V-line face without surgery.
HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) technology applies converge ultrasound waves to deeply impact into epidermis layer, stimulate productions of collagen and eslatin, lift muscle and make face slim naturally.

HIFU is a leap in technology for a non-invasive aesthetic treatment and it gives an optimum and extended performance:

  • Lifting muscles, making face slim, and shaping the natural V-line.
  • Completely non-invasive.
  • Fast therapy, no need for rest after treatment.
  • Improving and regenerating the skin, reducing wrinkles, and giving the skin a smooth youthful vitality.
  • Realizing effectiveness after only one treatment, further improving, and maintaining for over one year.

Step 1: Direct examination by doctor

The specialist doctor at Orientskin will directly examination and determine your skin’s situation, then outline the most appropriate therapy.

Step 2: Preparation before treatment

Your face will be removed of makeup and cleaned by a mild cleanser for the next treatment step.

Step 3: Treatment of lifting muscle and shaping V- line with HIFU technology

Your doctor will directly perform the treatment by modern HIFU technologies. During treatment, the doctor always considers about your feelings in order to adjust the machine and make you feel most comfortable.

Step 4: Skincare after treatment – Finishing therapy

After treatment, you are taken care of by vitamins if required or specified for purpose of supplementing nutrients and humidity to your skin.

Shaping V-line face by HIFU technology: VND 12,000,000/ time
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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