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Shaping V-line Face by Triniti Technology

Wednesday ,13/01/2016, 12:38 GMT+7
Triniti combines three technologies: IPL light, laser and RF electromagnetic waves in order to prevent partially the natural aging process of skin.
This combination is aimed to utilize advantages of each technology by different wavelengths and beams for purposes of deeply impacting on skin tissue and solving skin aging with high efficiency.

Triniti harmoniously combines the following three technologies:

  • IPL technology: It effectively applies light energy in conjunction with bipolar RF wave (ELOS technology) in the treatments of pigment and vasodilatation problems such as aging, pigment disorders, vasodilation redness.
  • Infrared technology: It deeply impacts on skin to 4 – 5 mm, significantly improves flabby skin, loose skin, makes skin firmer, and increases elasticity.
  • Laser diode technology: It combines with bipolar RF wave to directly treat wrinkles causes, stimulate growth and regeneration of collagen and continuous elastin, fill beneath tissue, etc for purposes of effectively dealing with wrinkles due to severe aging process of collagen, elastin as well as supporting treatments of large pores or scars.

This treatment is suitable for people at the age of 25 onwards with following issues:

  • Those with pre-aging before 30 years old.
  • Those with simple or initial aging, in need of treatment for youthful skin.
  • Those with uneven color skin, decreased skin elasticity, wrinkles and firmness.
  • Vasodilatation or broken capillaries.

Step 1: Direct examination by doctor

Dermatologists of Orientskin will examine and determine your skin’s aging situation, then outline detailed treatment therapy.

Step 2: Cleaning skin, preparation before treatment

Experts at Orient will remove makeup and clean facial skin before facial rejuvenation treatment with Trinity Technology.

Step 3: Treatment with Triniti technology

Doctors will directly operate machine for your treatment by high technology. During treatment, the doctor always considers about your feelings in order to adjust the machine and make you feel most comfortable.

Step 4: Post-Treatment care

After treatment, your doctor will consult about effective care so that Trinity technology is promoted and maintained in the best way.

Shaping V-line face by Triniti technology: VND 6,000,000
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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