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Skin Rejuvenation by Thermage

Wednesday ,13/01/2016, 12:13 GMT+7
Many people consider aging as a natural process that is impossible to intervene or delay.
However, with today doctors and advanced aesthetic technology, the aging treatment is no longer "a difficult task". Rejuvenation treatment by Thermage CPT technology is like "miracle" in the internal aesthetic industry.

Considered as the King of aesthetic technology, Thermage gives you a youthful and toned skin, slim face and body after just one treatment with 45 minutes.

Thermage is the only method applying unipolar RF wave to generate powerful heat and impact on collagen deep layer, create a tension effect and stimulate new regeneration as well as promote collagen fibers under the skin (collagen is a substance that creates structure of the skin). As a result, the face is renewed with slim contours and reduced with wrinkles after just one treatment.

FDA certified Thermage CPT as a method of lifting toned muscles without invasion. Thermage CPT is a more perfect new version with double efficiency and shorten time. In addition, the treatment will bring customers maximum comfort because of pain relief over 80% by new vibration handle design. Moreover, the customer neednot apply anesthetic drug before treatment due to uniform temperature.

Treatment mechanism of Thermage method:

The heat quantity will be supplied to dermis in order to make collagen fibers stretched and skin firm immediately. This energy is so strong that the lower dermis collagen fibers are stimulated their production for a very long time afterwards. Unlike other rejuvenation treatments, which show instant effectiveness but trend to reduce later, Thermage CPT’s effect will continuously increase and make the face slimmer and the skin more stretched.


This treatment is suitable for people at the age of 30 onwards with the following issues:

  • Those with loose facial skin and chin sags
  • Those with skin losing elasticity.
  • Those with eyelid tumbled, many crow's feet signs.
  • Those with are loose abdominal skin, loss of firmness.
Quy trình điều trị

Step 1: Direct examination by doctor

Dermatologists at Orientskin will examine and determine your skin situation and its aging level, who then will outline a specific therapy.

Step 2: Cleaning the skin, preparation before treatment

Expert at Orient will remove makeup and clean skin before the facial skin rejuvenation treatment. Orient applies the new version of Thermage CPT technology with uniform thermal properties to bring comfort more than 80% during the treatment, so you neednot apply an anesthetic drug at this step.

Step 3: Treatment with Thermage CPT technology

Doctor will directly operate the machine for your treatment with high technology. During treatment, the doctor always consider about your feelings to adjust the machine accordingly.

Step 4: Post-treatment care

After treatment completed, you will be cared with vitamins for purposes of smoothening skin, supplying moisture, and making the skin whiter and smoother.

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