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Treatment for Pink Lips

Tuesday ,19/01/2016, 17:34 GMT+7
When your body starts its aging period, all your organs are affected, including your lips. Other than the familiar methods such as tattoos or lipstick, the modern aesthetic technology today can intervene in this process in order to rejuvenate lips.
There are some causes for aging lips:
  • Result of aging.
  • Intensive exposure to UV rays in sunshine.
  • Abuse of cosmetics.
  • Regular use of alcohol and stimulants.
Điều trị làm hồng môi không chỉ giúp môi lấy lại sắc hồng tự nhiên mà còn làm trẻ hóa môi, xóa đi những dấu hiệu lão hóa – điều mà phun xăm thẩm mỹ không thể mang lại

Orientskin applies modern Fotona Laser technology (US) for treatment for pink lips with Er:YAG 2940nm wavelength, including two operations:

  • Thermal – Creating heat: The temperature stimulates contraction of the old tissue (collagen) and enhances the lips’ elasticity and firmness; simultaneously, new generated collagen helps to rejuvenate the lips.
  • Peeling lips gently: This operation removes dead skin cells and pushes new tissue onto the lips surface, as well as fills the lips surface and improves the lips’ color.


  • This therapy is completely non-invasive.
  • After treatment, the new tissue of the lips will be generated and the skin’s aging processes will be treated.
  • No pain, no need for a recoveryperiod.
  • Short treatment course (15 – 20 minutes)
  •  Bringing natural pink lips without tattoo.
  • Rejuvenating entire lips and mouth, lifting mouth’ corners and making your lips firmer and fresher.

Step 1: Consult by doctor - Examine lips

Doctors at Orient will examine carefully to diagnose the lips’ current situation.

Step 2: Decide process, outline treatment

The doctor will outline detailed treatment with the most suitable course for your lips.

Step 3: Prepare before laser treatment

Experts will remove make-up, gently clean your lips.

Step 4: Carry out treatment for pink lips by Laser

Doctor will directly carry out treatment for you and always consider your feelings in order to adjust the treatment accordingly and to make yourself comfortable during treatment.

Step 5: Take care of your lips after treatment

You will be massaged by the organic multi-functional Pure Papaya Ointment cream (imported from Australia) immediately after ttreatment to maximally moisturizing your lips.

Treatment of pink lips by Fotona: VND 2,000,000/ time
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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