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Treatment for White Bright Skin – Sweat Pores Astringency

Thursday ,14/01/2016, 18:56 GMT+7
For Asian women, especially Vietnamese, beauty is highly appreciated through a white and flawless skin. Hence, they often find more ways to make their skin whiter without consideration about safety and side effects afterwards, for example, mixed cream, chemical bleach cream, skin whitening cosmetics without origin etc. Consequently, their skin becomes thinner with atrophy, melasma and easier to catch sunlight. In addition, there are other side effects such as redness, skin vasodilatation or red acne, etc. These symptoms may be long and difficult to thoroughly treat.
You should know that skin color of an individual is determined by the amount of melanin under your skin. However, factors such as sunlight, endocrine or acne bruises, the melanin may be increased and changed suddenly, which makes your skin darker than the its real tone. Understanding this, we can solve the amount of excess melanin changed suddenly; your skin will be whiter naturally and safely without affect to the skin health.
Advantages of technology

Now, Orient has applied an advanced laser technology with Q-switched single pulse Nd: YAG wavelength in order to remove excess melanin under the skin deep layers. Hence, this is not only effective in the treatment of skin whitening, but also applied in the treatment of melasma.

QX-Max technology applies distinct single pulses compared to previous treatment machines with multi-pulse one. Q-switched single pulse QX-Max technology has the ability of creating a larger size for treatment with higher effectiveness in whitening treatment, and reducing risks of unwanted side effects such as bleeding or unwanted change of skin structure.

Effectiveness of QX-Max technologies include: bringing a pink and smooth white skin to 60 – 80%, improving skin brightness to maximum level, as well as removing thoroughly melanin elements for melasma, tanning, or bruises after acne. In addition, because of the stimulation of collagen under the skin, this improves the skin's surface, reduces sebum and makes sweat pores astringency.

Quy trình điều trị

Step 1: Consultation and direct skin examination by dermatologists

Specialist doctors at Orientskin will directly examine your skin and determine the skin condition to specify the most suitable technology and skin whitening therapy for you.

Step 2: Preparation before treatment

Experts at Orientskin will remove make-up and clean your face with gentle cleanser before treatment with high technology.

Step 3: Treatment for white bright skin by high technology

The doctor will directly operate the machine for the treatment for white bright skin and sweat pores astringency to you by one of following two technologies:

  • Qx-Max
  • SR

In course of treatment, any feedback about your feeling will be received by doctor, which helps him to adjust the course accordingly.

Step 4: Skincare after treatment

After treatment, the doctor will advise and prescribe you some skin care products for achieving the most optimal effectiveness of skin whitening. Besides, you also need to note the following issues:

  • Apply treatment cream to inhibit melanin formation and stimulate new skin regeneration, help whitening effect maintain for long time.
  • Use sunscreen regularly, even in indoors. Absolutely avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Moisturize the skin to soothe after treatment, take antioxidants and nourish the skin.
  • Take more functional foods to support sunscreen and skin whitening
Cost of treatment

Treatment of making white bright skin and closing sweat pore by QX-Max Technology: VND 2,000,000/ time

Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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