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Treatment of Acne

Tuesday ,12/01/2016, 18:57 GMT+7
Although Acne is not harmful to one’s health, it proves to be an aesthetic problem which often leaves subsequent scars such as acne bruises, concave scars, etc.Hence, one should seek treatment promptly follow the onset of acne to repair one’s precious skin.
Fortunately, the treatment for Acne is far more efficient and simple than before thanks to professional doctors equipped with advanced Laser technologies. In order to cure and prevent Acne, a doctor must identify the exact cause for the formation of such acne. Usually, acne is formed when sebum in the pores becomes clogged and is infested with bacterial agents in a dusty environment. Consequently, this will cause an inflammation and swelling of the pores. Therefore, if this combination is somehow averted, the acne shall not have the means to form.

Orient uses the state-of-the-art Laser from Syneron in conjunction with the Blue Light technology to bring maximum efficiency to the acne treatment, which helps eradicate acne quickly while also healing the lesions caused by such acne.


Advantages of Elos compared to other acne treatments

Blue Light technology will be appointed additionally by doctors for patients who have sensitive skin problems or areprone to allergies and rashes. In case of severe acne, this technology has proven to shorten the acne treatment process.

Effectiveness of this treatment is estimated to be at 90%: The harmonious coordination between the two IPL and RF energy types in the same Elos technology treats the two major causes of acne: Increased Sebum and the proliferation of P.Acné bacteria – which means that this treatment can simultaneously eliminate all the causes of acne.

Energy IPL: The Application of 440  980nm wavelengths plays a role in interacting with the Phonoporphyrin molecule a molecule which is sensitive to light because P. Acné bacteria is generated in the follicular. This interaction creates an oxygenated environment with free radicals which serves in killing bacteria, thereby reducing the amount of bacteria and the inflammation in the sebaceous glands.

RF electromagnetic energy: It serves to shrink the sebaceous glands, thus reducing sebum and making the skin more balanced.


Added benefits of Elos:

  • Safe with no side effects: temperature control system can automatically disconnect if the temperature exceeds the safety level. This machine meets US FDA standards.
  • Help to shrink sweat pores, reduce the increase of Sebum in sweat pores, brighten the skin and treat red bruises.Short therapy, saving the maximum duration of treatment: Shortening the process to only 6 – 8 times, each lasting 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Comfortable treatment: No burning nor discomfort thanks to the unique 5oC cooling system, which helps to protect the epidermis from burning compared to other laser technologies.
  • Those with Acne caused by puberty.
  • Those with Acne at a mature age.
  • Those with Hormonal Acne due to pregnancy, allergies.
  • Those who have had unsuccessful Acne treatments.

Step 1: Diagnosis of the Acne situation and Outlining the treatment by professional Doctors

Doctors at Orient will examine your skin in great detail to diagnose the causes of acne which can vary for different individuals: Due to hormonal disorders, due to diet, or due toan unbalanced lifestyle- staying up late, stress, etc. Then the doctor will appoint the most course of treatment for your skin. In some cases, doctors may prescribe more topical drug(s), oral drug(s) to help to optimize treatment outcomes.

Step 2: Cleansing of the skin

Your skin will be carefully cleansed to avoid inflammation during the treatment process. At Orient, this process is selected to suit each skin according to our esteemed customers, especially for those withsensitive skin. Currently Orient is employing Meditreeorganic cosmetics (imported from Australia) to wash each customers’ face; thus ensuring the cleanliness and the safety for the skin.

Step 3: Implementingthe prescribed acne treatment technology

After some preparation, your treatment, which is specified by your doctor, will be carried out by one of the aforementioned methods:

  • Laser technology: After covering cold gel onto the customer, the doctor will start conducting laser projection by Elostechnology - a very important step in the treatment of acne. Laser treatment helps to shorten the course of treatment as compared to other treatments with conventional prescription drugs. In addition to increasing the efficiency of acne treatment, it also helps in preventing the recurrence of acne due to the other hidden causes of acne under the Epidermis.
  • Blue Light Technology: Reduces Oil/Sebum and killing bacteria under the acne or the skin.
  • Combining the two technologies.

Once the treatment is finished, your skin will be cleansed once again to ensure that the process actually kills bacteria on the skin entirely.

Step 4: Skincare

Skincare does not only help to reduce inflammation in the treatment process, but also helps to create a smoother skin and to avoid dark blemishes. Depending on your skin condition, Doctors at Orient will prescribe to you supplementary vitamins or herbal masks (or a combination of both).

Step 5: Follow-up

After the treatment course ended, Orient will make an appointment for a follow-up and check of treatment status. Also, you might be prescribed more creams, medicines, and functional foods to support treatment (if necessary). The appointments and treatments for the next time will be introduced by our admin during yourtreatment at Orient.

Treatment of acne by Laser technology: VND 1,500,000/ time
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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