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Treatment of chloasma – freckles

Tuesday ,12/01/2016, 20:06 GMT+7
Melanin proliferation is major cause of chloasma (skin hyperpigmentation). The melanin pigments are formed deeply under the dermis layer and cannot be removed by the lotions or cosmetics because these preparations are only effective on surface. Besides, if you treat them by yourself, you may accidentally use the mixed creams with hydroquinone (concentration is higher than 2%) or corticosteroids, etc; these substances cause skin atrophy and break skin’s supporting structure. As a result, your skin will quickly be aged and flaccid, thinner and easier to catch sunshine.
Meanwhile, if you select a suitable laser technology, with a wavelength long impacting to terminal of the skin’s dermal layer, melanin under deep layer will be easily broken and removed; thus, chloasma condition will be improved significantly as well. However, the treatment of chloasma is not simple; doctors need to monitor each process for prediction and adjustment or may prescribe oral drugs, lotions if necessary.
Advantages of technology

Treatment of chloasma (or skin hyperpigmentation) in Orient consists of 3 stages combined scientifically in order to be anti sunshine, clean chloasma, and remove pathogenic elements. Its aim is to minimize skin hyperpigmentation but not cause stimulus or decrease pigment for surrounding skin.

Orient applies chloasma treatment technology - QX-Max, a new generation of reputable brand - Fotona (Europe) to give you a new experience in the laser with many quick and effective benefits to your skin.

  • Effectiveness of chloasma treatment is up to 85%, but still ensures safety for skin by applying Nd:YAG wave energy with wavelength of 1064nm and impacting to the deepest melanin layer under the skin. In addition, the QX-Max applies single pulse technology to accurately determine objectives to be removed without affecting to the surrounding skin. As a result, only the black melanin pigments receive a light pulse type with entire concentrated heat and easily broken completely without damage to the adjacent skin. The tiny fragments of melanin will be eliminated naturally through excretion of body.
  • Bringing a natural white skin: By decreasing melanin proliferation and removing excess melanin, QX-Max raises brightness of the skin from 1 to 3 tone(s) with completely natural result; thus, the skin becomes bright and radiant without makeup.
  • Bringing a bright skin with even color: For uneven color skin, QX-Max will promptly recover the skin’s natural color tone, or a brighter and whiter one.
  • Improving skin structure: The high heating affects to the flaccid collagens and makes them stretch and shrink; as a result, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic.
  • Supplying a short and comfortable therapy: This takes only 15 to 20 minutes and brings warm, little tingling and comfortable feelings.
  • No need for a rest: You can act as usual after each treatment.
Subjects for treatment
  • Those who have plaque chloasma
  • Those who have deep chloasma
  • Those who have combined chloasma
  • Those who desire a natural white and bright skin
  • Those who have skin with uneven color
  • Those who have freckle
  • Those who have scald mark
Quy trình điều trị

Stage 1: Treatment of chloasma – freckles in Orient Skincare

Step 1: Direct consultation and examination about skin by doctor

Doctor will examine and analyze customer’s skin by Wood lamp in order to determine the situation of skin chloasma in terms of shallow or deep levels. Wood lamp produces ultraviolet light with a near wavelength maximally absorbed by melanin, and then the skin pigment type will be classified as being on the upper epidermis or deeply under the epidermis or in combined form.

After determining the shallow or deep levels of chloasma and skin situation, doctors will specify the treatment outline for you. For sensitive skin or in certain cases, the doctor will decide whether it should peel skin gently or apply oral drugs and topical drugs without laser treatment. In case of laser treatment, doctors will combine it with care, oral drugs and lotions in order to achieve optimal results.

Step 2: Laser treatment

Doctors will directly perform treatment for you. During treatment, do not hesitate to share your feelings to your doctor; they will adjust accordingly and help you stay comfortable.


Stage 2: Maintenance treatment at home

Stage 2 includes the usage of maintenance treatment cream, moisturizer, sunscreen and functional foods, all of which are prescribed by the doctor who is directly performing treatment for you.

Maintenance treatment cream will inhibit the process of melanin formation, increase regeneration of the new skin, and promote the whitening effect. (Dose will be consulted in details by doctor).

Daily use of moisturizer, with abilities of nourishing skin, making skin soothing, moisturizing and being an antioxidant, will nourish skin and moisturize well.

You should apply sunscreen daily on the outer layer in order to protect skin, even indoors.

You should also use further functional foods such as sunscreen pill, skin brightening pill, etc. These will enhance the maximum effectiveness of skin protection and maintain treatment outcomes better.


Stage 3: Combination of treatment and care, maintenance of rejuvenation for skin at Orient

Customers will receive a maintenance treatment with special therapy for purposes of rejuvenating and nourishing the skin by Mesotherapy intensive care or Stermcell packages (stem cells).

  • Mesotherapy: This is a special technique used in the skin aesthetic industry, originated from Europe and currently being applied in many countries around the world. This therapy applies a specialized instrument to bring drug solutions or nutrient solutions under the skin to be treated by creating tiny grooves on the skin with a compatible depth. Duration: 90 minutes – Performed by doctor.
  • Stermcell: This is the leading engineering product in biology field to generate and recover skin lesions quickly and efficiently by a gel form easily absorbed.
Cost of treatment
Treatment of chloasma and freckles by QX-Max technology: VND 2,000,000/ time
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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