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Vagina Rejuvenation

Friday ,29/01/2016, 11:43 GMT+7
Vaginal stretching syndrome happens not only in women after childbirth, but also in unmarried ones because of aging at old age, enlarged congenital vaginal structure, etc
Previous surgeries often apply a thread to sew the vaginal opening, which only reduces size and outer shape, not the inner vaginal tube expanded. The doctors today have solved this problem by a method for vaginal rejuvenation by laser with heat quantity accessing to inner part and stimulating collagen regeneration of vaginal mucosa. As a result, this treatment narrows the gap of two sides of the vaginal tube, and makes the entire vagina elastic, toned, firm and narrow. Besides, it also helps the outer and inner lips firm, bright and pink as theses at youngness.

Many experts in the world have highly appreciated Intima Laser Technology of Fotona (Europe) as the leading solution for vaginal streching syndrome with the optimum efficiency.

  • Extremely narrowing the vaginal tube: Laser Er: YAG 2940nm therapy with the exclusive technology generates special energy to vaginal mucosal tissue, stimulates collagen regeneration and synthetizes new collagen fibers for the pelvis. As a result, these tissues are firmer and maximally narrowed.
  • Effectively removing melanin production, reducing the black pigment of the vaginal lips.
  • Satisfaction just after the first treatment: the vagina is narrowed evidently with long time.  Maybe repeat this treatment for the 2nd time if necessary.
  • No invasion, no anesthesia or burning.
  • Quick treatment, just approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • No need for a recovery period. However, sexual relations should be avoided for about 7-10 days for optimum efficiency.
  • Safety without side effects.
  • The treatment with Lase Intima brings many benefits as follows:
  • Tightening the vagina and surrounding muscles, bringing you and your partner the initial "love" feeling and orgasm.
  • Improving dryness of the vagina and bringing sublimation in "love”.
  • Rejuvenating, narrowing, making the vaginal lips pink, bringing smooth and fresh feeling as that at maiden time.
  • Reducing gynecological diseases: Narrowing vagina makes bacteria of gynecological diseases difficultly penetrate inside.
  • Restoring pelvic muscles: no longer many urine leakages and pees per day.
  • Comfortable sexual relation: no longer pain and irritation.

Step 1: Consultation and examation by a female doctor.

Step 2: Outlining process and treatment.

Step 3: Cleaning of vagina before treatment.

Step 4: Treatment of narrowing vaginal by Intima Laser technology.

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